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Dr. JC Soulwood
I am a Psychologist, Father, Archer, doing WordCraft, WoodCraft, BladeCraft & SoulCraft

Lucifer Valontuoja, kirjan “Paradise Lost” kuvitusta

Nykypäivänä kristitty väki puhuu paljon Luciferista ja hänen kätyreistään. Jäin mietiskelemään, kuka on tämä Lucifer, ja mitä lähdeteokset hänestä kertovat.Yllätykseni oli suuri, kun uusimmasta raamatun käännöksestä ei löydy koko sanaa! Vanhasta kunnon King Jamesin käännöksestä se sentään löytyi:


It’s about right now, that we need to start thinking again, not just following the the guy before us. Like that famous Japanese dude said, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and today. As we are currenty a little short of time machines (krhm.. DARPA??), we’d better start crackin’!

In these long, dark teatimes of the quarantine, I went ahead and did some thinking. And had meself an idea. An epiphany, one could even say. In certain circles my proposal might even garner guarded positivity, if not flat-out celebration!

Who lives rent-free in your head?


You may leave this life at any moment, so pay attention to every thought and act. Death, life, pleasure, pain, all these things happen to good men and bad, and they are neither good nor evil.

Building styles and conventions of lost civizations.

Dr. JC Soulwood

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