Annular Eclipse, or the End of the World

Either I am coming totally unglued due to this ceaseless attack on truth and reality, or I stumbled on a particularly nasty Mandela effect.

I have been observing all things spacey, on and off, for the past 40 years or so. I had my own, small observatory I built when I was 13. I was a member of the local space observers' guild by 15, studied a few odd courses of astronomy in the University, while majoring in Psychology & Neurology.

So, you might envision my astonishment, when I saw pictures from the 2019 solar eclipse. To my amazement, the moon did not totally cover the sun, instead there was a visible ring of light around the moon. As I knew only too well, this was absolutely, categorically impossible. In perfect conditions, the so called "Diamond Ring" was possible; in such events the halo of the sun was visible all around the moon, and sparkle of brighter light, the diamond, shone on one point on the outer edge of the moon. I am certain, that I would have noticed this herecy, if those "Annular eclipses" were a real phenomena.

I feverishly started to sift thru pictures of past eclipses, taken by me, or available on my usual sources. What I saw didn't sooth me much: I did find pictures of those weird eclipses, but none before year 2012. And very little from reputable sources, like major universities of national space agencies.

So, the question remains: Is this another Mandela effect or something even more sinister?

Here are few of those alternatives:

1) I am ALREADY unhinged, and my memory circuits are shot

2) Moon is shrinking.

3) Moon’s orbit has (been) altered.

4)Sun is expanding.

5) Earth’s orbit has altered, and we are moving closer to sun

2 and 4 would have other, more extreme consequences, so probably not those. So we are left with alternatives 1, 3 and 5. The first one is always possible, and moon's relative size would not be my first concern.

Let's consider 3 first.

Moon's orbit getting more elliptical would generate "Annular" effect, but also more extreme tidal effects and seismic effects. I have not seen any reports on huge tides, so number 3 is unlikely.

If earth would be moving closer to sun, there would also be other effects. Like earth's surface temperature rising, generating draughts, bush and forest fires....Ummm, Check. Athmosphere would be getting warmer. Check. Change in orbit would also generate new NEO (Near Earth Orbit) meteors. According to NASA, the first one is November 2nd.

Check, Check, Check.

So, do you think our government would tell us, or keep us in the dark? Perhaps do some kind of drill, to keep Peasants out of the way, while the Elite shuttles to Mars? Something like, I don’t know, a Pandemic perhaps. But hang on, they would need to shut down the economy, get the CEO’s ready to leave...

Over 2 000 CEO's unexpectantly has quit since 2019, the economy WAS shut downHHEEYYY Wait a moment!!!

Lord Kvakku

I am a Psychologist, Father, Archer, doing WordCraft, WoodCraft, BladeCraft & SoulCraft