Building styles and conventions of lost civizations.

Form follows function and choice of material is dictated by forces against the structure. We don’t build a structure and then figure out what to do with it. We don’t select building material and then try if it happens to fill the requirements of the function. Easiest and most economic building conventions always triumphs over esthetically pleasing but unfunctional styles.

Human beings have always been lazy. Have been, are and will be in the future. We call this trait of ours “Efficiency”. We use materials, that just barely fill the requirements, that are cheap and easily available. Materials, that are easiest and quickest to mold and build. Building technology has always developed towards cheaper and quicker solutions. It can easily be seen in the history of our architectural choises, our my building codes and conventions.

Keeping this guiding principle in mind, why have all the ancient buildings been made of stone? And not just any old masonry, but often the hardest stone, or otherwise functionally justifiable material. Even though it may not be easily available on the building site, but has to be quarried from miles away and transported. Sometimes over mountains and through unsurmountable obstacles, even for today’s technology. It clearly points out few unassailable facts:

– At time of construction, stone quarring, molding and transportation was the easiest, most functional and quickest way to achieve the functional goals of the building (as opposed to timber or structures made out of bricks).

– Stone represent the hardest material found on the planet. Selecting stone as building material points to functional needs, rather than esoteric, theosofic or estethic motivations.

– Such functional stability requirements point to pressures and forces, that can only be found on planetary scale; vulcanic, tectonic, magnetic, electrical, extreme weather anomalies or possibly nuclear reaction (or advanced weaponry. But before confirmed evidence of such, it remains somewhat unlikely).

– Water is found under or near several megalithic structures, as well as long, steep and structurally reinforced, precise tunnels. These indicate dynamic chemical, thermal of thermonuclear reaction and/or control mechanism.

– The building sites were selected based on the properties specific to that location. Many hypothesis can be build around that fact. Governing reason might be geographic, earth’s crust anomalies, Lay-lines, other magnetoelectrical currents, astronomical concurrences, mathematics, geometry etc. Without further study, I will not venture a guess into that. Just to point out, that location is a highly relevant factor.

Obviously, all these observations have relevance only at the original building time of these structures, assumed to be at least some 12 500 years ago.

As summation, most megalithic structures were built to withstand an anticipated, known, powerful pressure to the structure. The event was well understood, based on the highly specific location, building material and building design. Structures erected later, are mimicking original models. A behavioral pattern seen in Cargo-cults, clearly a highly prevalent motivation in religious belief systems.


Chief Astronomer, Dude University

Psychologist, University of Helsinki

Doctor of Divinity (hon), U. L. M.




I am an Epistemologist (who isn't, right?) Psychologist, grandfather, Holy Father, regular father, Gothi, atheist, Oneironaut and Usui Reiki Master.

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Dr. JC Soulwood

Dr. JC Soulwood

I am an Epistemologist (who isn't, right?) Psychologist, grandfather, Holy Father, regular father, Gothi, atheist, Oneironaut and Usui Reiki Master.

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